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If our charter is granted in a few days as we expect, voting certificates will at once be issued to all whose donations to the Society's funds shall aggregate Ten Dollars or more. Each ten dollar donation representing one voting share according to our charter.

A few have evidently misunderstood the matter of obtaining a Charter and feared it was either an attempt to obtain protection or recognition, from a government of this world; or an evidence of lack of trust that God could and would carry forward his own work no matter who lived or died.

These are mistaken ideas. While we trust fully to the Lord's care of His own cause, it is our duty to so arrange our affairs and His, that in case of one death it would not require miraculous interposition to prevent disputes, and law suits from swamping the Society and annoying our successors in its management. So far as the Government is concerned we ask only those rights which it accords to aliens as well as citizens. And a charter such as we are asking for is such a right; it brings us under no obligation whatever.